Nothing can play the part of a warship better than a real warship. Our gaming-area is the cold war era destroyer “Småland”. She was built in 1952, is over 120 meters long and once held a crew of 272 people.

When we began this project, and started narrowing down what kind of locations we could use, we knew we wanted something like Småland - but then again, reality is reality, and certain people argued that we might have to settle for something like a concrete bunker. Some of us were saying: ”I want corridors sounding 'clang clang clang' when you walk them, or I’m not doing this.”

Believe us, friends and fellow space travellers… the corridors of The Monitor Celestra don’t just clang. They sing with atmosphere.

You can look at photos but they don’t do the place justice. In them, you can't hear how sound bounces off of steel walls. You can’t appreciate just how sand colored light falls on people inside. You don’t quite get how big the place is, how rooms and corridors connect. The sheer amount of doors and knobs and wheels and screws and buttons just make your head spin, until you don’t know what’s back and forth, or what floor you’re on, anymore.

We couldn’t imagine a better place to stage this game.


Video Tour