"The Monitor Celestra" was a Nordic Larp produced by Alternaliv that played out three times in March 2013.

We wish to thank everyone involved in this accomplishment, organizers as well as participants. See full list of credits >>

So say we all.

Briefing One

Web version (pdf, 6.5 MB)

Print version (pdf, 612 KB)

Describes the dramatical aspects of the larp.

Systems Brief

Everything you need to familiarize yourselves with and understand in order to command and control the Celestra during both normal operations and combat conditions. View (28 MB)

Dear participants!

We are now closing the project, leaving just some small adjustments to Henrik and Tomas. A huge "thank you" from all of us to all of you! The project could not have been made without you! "The Monitor Celestra" was organized by:
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Post production update

A short update from the post-production front:

With very few organizers still active in the project the remaining things to sort out are moving at a definite sub-light velocity. Tomas and Cecilia have been working with the accounting which needs prioritization due to deadlines set by the tax authority. Tomas and Henrik have been working on sorting and selling tech gear and costumes. Sorting and matching presumptive buyers for the latter is now finished and we will get back to everyone that has expressed interest in purchasing a costume shortly.

Next up on the todo list are the t-shirts. There are still people who have paid for unclaimed t-shirts that haven't provided us with a postal address. If you're such a person and still would like us to send you a t-shirt please fill out this form. You can also use the same form to make an extra order of tshirts still, if you're interested. A lot of the other costumes are already sold, but some remain, primarily jumpsuits of all kinds and one blue Galactica officer's uniform size M. Is it really going to be left unsold?

We still exist!

Hello lovely space larpers!

First off we want to say thank you for the wonderful things you all did at the games and the stories you helped create. This would have been nothing without you guys.
I would personally like to thank all the great people I met and talked to at the events, you guys made all the work wort it!

We have been pretty invisible and we are sorry for that, we had a week off and then Easter came with all that that means. We are aware that a lot of you are waiting for updates from us and don't worry we are on it.
We are now working on getting all the t-shirts out, going through the lost and found and working on how to sell the costumes.
If you guys have anything you are missing from the larp send us an e-mail at info@celestra-larp.com and we get back to you about it.
And please be a little patient with us we are working on this and a lot of other post-production as well. 
We just wanted you guys to know we haven't forgotten about you.

So Say We All!


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